February, 2022

A Window into an Asylum Seeker’s World

By Chelsy Gevas, Senior Staff Attorney

Hello CIAC family and friends!

The greatest privilege we have at CIAC is meeting with our clients. To hear their stories is to be reminded of God’s deep compassion for the persecuted, the hurting, and the lost. It is also an opportunity bear witness to His limitless provision and power!

This month we invite you to step into the shoes of a dear friend and client who is currently seeking Asylum in the United States. Grace is from Uganda, a country she loves deeply. The corruption and oppression she experienced at the hands of the government moved her to political activism. This has resulted in violent attacks on her family, imprisonment, job loss, and threats on her life. She was forced to flee and seek asylum here in the United States. As she awaits a decision on her case, she remains separated from her husband and children, praying for a miracle. Here is a window into Grace’s world, in her own words…

What has the experience of living in the United States for the last year been like for you?

It’s such a challenge when you’re a foreigner and have to adapt to change to enable you fit into society. The past year has been a mixture of emotions for me having been so far away from my children most especially and my extended family as a whole. Family makes life more meaningful and without one, life can be pretty empty.

However, I am also blessed to know that I don’t have to look over my shoulder all the time just to ensure I am safe. I have made some new friends who have introduced me to very resourceful people along the way. I am now adopting to the American way of life now as the cultural shock is wearing off. I appreciate how fast paced and structured life here is.

What made you ultimately decide to seek asylum in the United States?

The deterioration of human rights in the country! Security operatives arbitrarily arrested, beating up and also killing of opposition supporters. Freedom of expression is not warranted in Uganda. My support for the opposition party and the ripple effects thereafter compelled me to run for safety of both myself and immediate family.

What do you wish people knew about asylum?

Asylum provides one with protection from prosecution from one’s country. However, one needs to be patient with the system as it doesn’t work as fast as one would need.

Why is affordable legal representation important to you?

It is providing me with professional legal assistance at a fairly reasonable cost which has helped me avoid financial stress in an already incredibly stressful situation.

How can people pray for you?

  • For protection of my children.
  • I would also like to reunite with my children most importantly
  • I would also like to pray for favor from God for a fair hearing at the time it comes.
  • I also pray for Financial provision through obtaining employment.


I hope in reading this, you are both challenged and encouraged – challenged to support CIAC’s ministry either prayerfully or financially so that we can continue to care for immigrants and refugees like Grace, and encouraged that God’s Kingdom, not earthy rulers or corrupt governments, will always have the final word.