April, 2022

A Family Reunited

Jessica Weaver

We are thrilled that our client Daniel was approved for his immigrant visa and has been reunited with his wife after a five-year journey through the immigration legal system.

Marsha and Daniel were featured in our November 2021 article in the Alliance Life magazine. On April 9, Daniel arrived in the United States and is starting a new life with Marsha and her children. Read more below from Marsha about her experience:

From Marsha:

I met Daniel in 2017 and we became engaged in 2018, but were unable to get a fiancée visa. So we married in Gambia in October 2019 and started a new immigration legal process with CIAC for Daniel to immigrate as my spouse. We waited over three years for our case to be approved due to COVID-19 delays.

But on April 9, he arrived in Pittsburgh. I couldn’t believe how nervous I was as my kids and I waited at the airport for him. My husband walked out of the terminal doors and my kids jumped out of the car because they were so excited. They ran over to Daniel and hugged him. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. I was so captivated I didn’t even take a picture because I didn’t want to miss a moment.

Through the long three-year wait, Daniel and I remained close to each other and I traveled to Africa as often as I could. A rough situation became even tougher due dwindling finances and many obstacles that kept us apart. I remember in a late night prayer session, I asked God “How is this going to work out?” In my mind, the odds were stacked against us and we needed a miracle. God spoke to me and said I will raise up an army of helpers. I call them “destiny helpers.”

CIAC truly has been used by God as a destiny helpers for Daniel and I and for that we are truly grateful. The destiny helpers at CIAC provided so much support, prayers and resources to help us reach our goal to be together.

Our story is an inspiring one to so many who are believing God for a miracle that changes lives.

Refugees from Ukraine and Afghanistan

Refugees from Ukraine and Afghanistan have started to arrive in the Pittsburgh area. As these families and individuals are resettled by other agencies, we at CIAC are beginning to engage with them to assess how to help with the immigration legal process. USCIS’ policies regarding these crises continue to evolve and many pathways to permanency for these refugees remain unclear.

We are seeking partnerships with resettlement agencies and plan to seek funding to provide legal assistance for these families.