December, 2023

New Beginnings

Rosa Diendomi Alvarez
Legal Advocate

How many times have you asked yourself what the Lord wants from me? What is the next step? Why is this happening to me?

Sometimes we fear that we will experience situations that challenge us to grow, but they help us discover hidden abilities, and opportunities to walk new paths, to serve or help others.

New beginnings are an opportunity accompanied by small things that can have different meanings depending on the context. Little things that God uses for great purposes, in His time and will. And it is something that I see over and over again in my personal, work, and ministerial life.

Sometimes, you may not understand what is happening with your life, but you can be sure of one thing: the Lord has special care for each of us. Everything is under His control so that His favor and love will take us to the place where we can see the fulfillment of His purpose in our lives.

In my experience as an immigrant woman, I know what it means to leave everything to start over, with my two children, in a country culturally different from mine, with the language barrier. I knew very little about the United States system.

Today, I can say that the Lord has allowed it for a purpose.

He brought me to a place where I have been very blessed by people who did small things (for them), but that for me and those who received them and continue to receive them is immense, It is very meaningful, and those little things helped me a lot in my new beginning.

Today the Lord is allowing me to serve many people from my experience, with the preparation that He has given me. Above all, He is allowing me to serve from the love and compassion of Christ to other people who have left their country for different reasons.

I love to see how from Christian Immigration Advocacy Center (CIAC) the Lord continues to move amid those little things, reunifying families, giving status to people who had lost all hope of seeing their loved ones again, and the smiles on their faces, faces reveal the grace and favor of God.

These new beginnings are less difficult when we have a community that comes together to support us, a community that welcomes us, a community of faith that brings us closer to the Lord and shares the plan of salvation, and a community that makes the gospel something tangible.

Thanks to those little things that those moved by the Lord do, because they impact lives and change stories.

What has the Lord put in your heart? Why do you see it so small? Move in faith, put it in the hands of the great ADONAI and you will see how His purpose is fulfilled in you.

New beginnings in the small things with which the Lord will do great things.

And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.
– Romans 8:28