September, 2021

Prayers for Afghanistan

Jessica Weaver

On August 15, the country of Afghanistan collapsed as the Taliban overran the capital city of Kabul. The nation is in chaos as many are trying to flee the Taliban’s oppressive regime.

We ask that you join us in praying for the country and for safety for those trying to evacuate to an unknown future. At CIAC, we are actively pursuing ways that we can help with legal applications for refugees and others applying for Special Immigrant Visas.

We learned that one of our clients had received word his two adult children were able to evacuate to the Kabul airport because of visitor visa applications we had filed about two months ago.

With up-to-date passports and visa paperwork (though not yet approved) in hand, they managed to safely enter the airport to wait for an evacuation flight out of the country. We give God the glory for the supernatural timing of filing paperwork and continue to pray for their evacuation.

image courtest of DOD


Advocating for Afghanistan

Through a collaboration with the University of Pittsburgh, we will receive referrals for Afghans requesting help evacuating and will complete SIV and family-based legal applications to enable more evacuees to start a new life.

The US government has waived the fee for filing these applications. However, CIAC’s legal cost is $750 per application. A donation toward our organization would permit us to offer our services pro bono.

Once an Afghan arrives in the United States, we can also provide legal services for the next six years – to apply for family members to join them, for their green card after one year and for citizenship after five years.

Afghans Seeking Help

Afghans seeking help – contact University of Pittsburgh at for intake.

Speaking Out for Refugees

We were featured on:

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