May, 2021

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Jessica Weaver

And what does the Lord require of you?
To act justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God.

author Jessica WeaverThis verse was imprinted upon my heart as a young person growing up in the church but I am continually surprised by the tangible ways God has revealed how He calls me to live out this command.

I grew up in Pittsburgh as a pastor’s daughter and went to college for journalism. Yet one year out of college, I left that career and landed in the social work field – the perfect fit for my justice-driven heart. God led my husband and I to foster care and were challenged by the ways we were stretched to care for our foster son and his family while he lived with us. God impressed on us to love others with compassion and respect as they were created in His image.

I took those lessons from God with me when I joined CIAC over a year ago with an excitement to meet the tangible needs of immigrants and refugees through legal aid. On paper, I meet with clients, fill out forms, research legal questions and attend immigration interviews. But the best part of this work is the people I am privileged to meet.

I answered the phone one day and spoke with a teenager who had come to the United States several years ago. He bravely shared his story of parental loss and abusive childhood. I had no legal options for him – the current law does not provide any pathway for him to remain permanently without a family member or spouse to petition for him. But at the end of our call, I offered to pray over him. I held back tears as I asked the Father above to provide for this young man and to open doors as only God can. That moment of ministry stands as the reason for the work we do – to bring the Gospel to everyone.

At CIAC, we want to provide high-quality, low-cost legal aid for immigrants and refugees. But our mission is to walk alongside them as they navigate an incredibly complicated and stressful legal system, while praying with them and sharing the love of Jesus.

Legal Work That CIAC Provides
  • Citizenship applications
  • Green card applications and renewals
  • Travel Documents and Work Authorizations
  • Petitions for relatives living abroad
  • Reunification applications for refugees
  • Asylum
  • Violence Against Women Applications
  • Other related immigration applications


Meet CIAC’s Interns

Gloria Chibueze-Azinge

Gloria Chibueze-Azinge is a Nigerian immigrant that grew up in Maryland and transplanted to Pittsburgh, PA. She is currently in her first year at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law.

She is looking forward to working with CIAC in showing the love of Christ by providing support to fellow immigrants. She is excited to learn from the CIAC staff and join in serving the immigration population for May 2021.

Josh Martin

Josh is a junior at Davidson College in North Carolina and is studying History and Spanish. He intends to pursue a career in law. Outside of school, his passions are cooking and exploring the outdoors.

He is excited to contribute to the great work that CIAC is doing for immigrants in the greater Pittsburgh area and will be working with CIAC for summer 2021.