Lorrie Groetzinger

Intake Specialist

Lorrie is the initial point of contact for inquirers. In addition to explaining the process for receiving immigration assistance and answering related questions, she works to schedule intake appointments and coordinates with translators. In most situations, she facilitates any initial meeting with potential clients to assess CIAC’s ability to meet the legal immigration needs of the potential client. She then coordinates with attorneys and representatives to maintain fluid case transition from intake to consultation.

Lorrie has been serving impoverished and under-served communities both locally and globally for nearly 25 years. For many years, she lived and worked in the Middle East, and so understands from the other side of the equation what it means to deal with the legalities of immigration processes for those who arrive as a foreigner to a new nation. Currently, she has worked alongside the Somali Bantu refugee community, assisting them through their transition to life in America, through her leadership of the “In the Steps of Boaz” volunteer team. That team is passionate about loving their Somali Bantu neighbors unconditionally and serving them practically, as a demonstration of the love of Jesus. Lorrie has been working with CIAC since January 2019.

Geneva College, Bachelor of Science, Elementary Education